Indulge in Culinary Bliss at Hawkers Street Pluit: A Foodie’s Paradise

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Hey, if you’re a big foodie in Jakarta, especially in the happening area of Pluit, there’s this cool new food spot. Everyone’s talking about the place and called it as “Hawkers Street” at Pluit Village. This food adventure is all about mixing delicious flavors, and it’s not your average food court. It’s a culinary journey just waiting to be discovered.

So, check it out – there’s this awesome thing called Hawkers Street that’s all about food. It’s like a culinary dream come true!

Hawkers Street is not your average food court, it’s the awesome creation of a collaboration with the culinary geniuses known as the “jangkrik” team. This awesome team of food bloggers and culinary influencers came together to create a menu that’s seriously amazing. And then, it’s like a culinary masterpiece, no joke.

Yo, so Hawkers Street is this cool spot on the first floor of Pluit Village. It just opened up on Friday, September 29, 2023. Ever since, it’s been a hotspot for food lovers and curious folks, all excited to try out the yummy and varied options.

Hawkers Street More Than Just a Meal: The Awesome Food Adventure

What’s cool about Hawkers Street is that they’ve got over 34 awesome vendors, each with their own delicious food. The menu has both halal and non-halal options, so there’s something for everyone. From cool local legends to super popular viral sensations, the yummy foods we’re showing off come from all over Indonesia.

The prices are all over the place, just like the menu. Furthermore, it’s a spot that welcomes everyone. If you’re hungry and want something to munch on, Hawkers Street has got you. They’ve got options for all budgets, with prices starting from Rp30,000 and going up to Rp80,000.

Come on in and check out this awesome food spot! The vibe is super cool and cozy. Hawkers Street is so cool, they can fit over 500 people! And let me tell you, their design is on point. It’s all about that minimalist vibe mixed with awesome Chinese-inspired decorations. Furthermore, the wooden vibes give off a cozy and welcoming vibe, and the cool pictures of Chinatown add to the whole look.

Get Ready for a Tasty Adventure: Exploring the Yummy Food of Indonesia

Get ready to have your taste buds blown away by the amazing flavors of Indonesian food! The menu at Hawkers Street is like a flavor explosion, with all sorts of yummy rice dishes, tasty noodles, delicious snacks, and refreshing drinks.

You gotta try these awesome dishes like Nasi Campur 22 Singkawang, Kwie Tiaw Sapi Jangkung, and Kwetiau Medan 99. They’re totally worth it! If you’re looking for non-halal options, you gotta try Nasambi and Bakmi Samcan. They’re gonna blow your taste buds away! If you’re into halal food, you gotta try the amazing Ayam Goreng Ci Lian, the mouthwatering Sate from Tangerang, or the famous Nasi Jamblang Khas Cirebon by Ibu Sumiasih. And then, there are plenty of other viral halal favorites to enjoy too!

What’s the Deal with Hawkers Street Culinary Haven?

Hey, did you know that according to Hiu Mulyawati, the Mall Director of Pluit Village, Hawkers Street is not just any food court? It’s actually gonna be a super cool place for food lovers to hang out. Hiu says that Hawkers Street is gonna be a big hit with people who love food in North Jakarta and nearby areas. And then, we’ve carefully picked out the food options to match what people in North Jakarta like.

Mulyawati hopes that Hawkers Street will become a cool new food spot, adding to the already awesome places to eat. Furthermore, North Jakarta is like, totally becoming a foodie paradise, drawing in all these food lovers from Jakarta and even beyond.

Hey, if you ever happen to be in Pluit or you’re just really into trying new food, you gotta check out Hawkers Street at Pluit Village. Get ready to embark on a foodie adventure that’s not just about eating, but about having a blast—a trip through the amazing and varied tastes of Indonesia.