Cracking Down on CoD Cheaters: Warzone and MW3 in the Hot Seat

Cracking Down on CoD Cheaters: Warzone and MW3 in the Hot Seat

Hey gamers, let’s have a chat about Call of Duty and the ongoing mission to tackle cheaters in Warzone and MW3. You know how it is—start playing a game, and suddenly, the cheaters show up. But don’t worry, the game developers are on the case, kicking cheaters out and making their anti-cheat system even stronger. Let’s take a closer look at the recent numbers and see how CoD is stepping up the fight against those tricky hackers.

The Ban Hammer Strikes Cheaters: More than 23,000 Accounts Banned

As of the latest update on December 23, 2023, CoD has swung the ban hammer down on over 23,000 accounts in MW3 and Warzone since November. Yep, you heard it right. The game developers mean business. Cheaters, watch out! The devs are keeping a sharp eye on the game, and if you’re up to some mischief, you might find yourself banned from the action.

Ricochet: CoD’s Anti-Cheat Superhero

CoD’s got its own superhero, and it goes by the name Ricochet. While it’s been doing its job catching cheaters, some still manage to slip through the cracks. But don’t stress, the devs are like superheroes fine-tuning Ricochet to be the ultimate cheat-busting machine.

Machine Learning Magic: Making Detection Smarter

The devs have added some serious magic to Ricochet with machine learning. This high-tech stuff looks at how players act in the game, figuring out who’s playing fair and who’s breaking the rules. Before this cool update, a Ricochet team member had to check out 700 clips every day. But with the new SLOTBANGJAGO machine learning boost, that number jumped to over 1000 clips per day on just one PC. It’s like having a cheat detective on turbo speed.

Splat: A Clever Move in the Anti-Cheat Game

Say hello to Splat, the newest player in the anti-cheat game. Back in the day, if a cheater got caught, they’d be kicked out and banned. But now, Ricochet lets them stick around. Why? Well, it’s all about gathering intel. The system messes with the cheaters’ games, making them unable to hurt anyone or see other players properly. And get this—if a cheater is caught mid-air, their parachutes get disabled, leading to a not-so-smooth landing.

Game Distortion and Instant Karma: Cheater’s Edition

Ricochet is playing some mind games with the cheaters. Picture this: you can’t hurt anyone or see them clearly. It’s like a different world where cheaters get a taste of their own medicine. And if they try bunny hopping with cheats on, they might find themselves leaping a crazy 10,000 feet in the air, without a parachute, and crash-landing. Ouch! The anti-cheat system is changing and evolving, and the devs are getting creative to make sure cheaters have no place to hide.

So there you have it, fellow gamers. The war against cheaters in Warzone and MW3 is going strong. CoD’s got its ban hammer, Ricochet, machine learning magic, and Splat to keep the playing field fair and square. Stay legit, play fair, and let’s keep the gaming world cheat-free!